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Our products help to promote Good Health.
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Supplements include vitamins, minerals and botanicals that all can be very beneficial for a good health and well-being. Each of our product has been thoroughly studied in order to restore our natural body functionalities according to our specific needs. Always remember that a healthy body is the starting point for a good quality of life.

General Health / All Products

  1. Radiance Oil
    Radiance Oil
    Special Price €49.00 Regular Price €59.00
  2. Lifting Peptide Serum
    Lifting Peptide Serum
    Special Price €72.00 Regular Price €85.00
  3. Longer Life Pills
    Longer Life Pills
    Special Price €55.00 Regular Price €60.00
  4. Alkyrol 500
    Alkyrol 500
    Special Price €45.00 Regular Price €49.00
  5. Alkyrol 250
    Alkyrol 250
    Special Price €32.00 Regular Price €35.00
  6. Melatonin - BioTonin
    Melatonin - BioTonin
    As low as €28.00 Regular Price €30.00
  7. Dhea
    As low as €22.00 Regular Price €24.00
  8. 7-Keto Dhea
    7-Keto Dhea
    Special Price €69.00 Regular Price €75.00
  9. Pregnenolone
    As low as €25.00 Regular Price €28.00
  10. Original Silica
    Original Silica
    Special Price €27.00 Regular Price €30.00
  11. Sincera
    Special Price €69.00 Regular Price €75.00
  12. NoPlaque
    Special Price €59.00 Regular Price €66.00
  13. HealthyLiver
    Special Price €35.00 Regular Price €39.00

Scientific Information

Dr. Hertoghe recently launched the Healthy Aging Channel.
This YouTube channel aims to inform about everything related to healthy aging, functional medicine, hormone therapy, and nutrition.
This practical tool can be recommended by physicians to their patients to help them understand why they should follow and continue their treatment.
This channel also exists in French Une Autre Santé since longer and includes therefore a larger choice of speakers and video lectures.

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