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NoPlaque™ effectively removes Plaque from Teeth, Tissue and Arteries.

Extracts of Marine Origin for Total Oral Hygiene.

Plaque is a build-up/deposit of hard crusty - "shell-like" - material on teeth and in arteries/blood vessels. Some people only get little plaque build-up during their lives then at higher age, for others it is a problem early in life, and for some it is a big problem most of their lives.

NoPlaque is a natural marine-derived formula, removing and preventing plaque/calculus, promoting less tooth decay (caries), strong teeth and less periodontitis ("tooth loosening") as well as "good" breath. Total oral hygiene has never been as easy, painless and inexpensive!

No more tablets, but capsules. A new capsule system more natural that improves the compounds bio-avalaibility and therefore their efficency. Learn more...

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A natural marine-derived formula, removing and preventing plaque/calculus, promoting less tooth decay (caries), strong teeth and less periodontitis ("tooth loosening") as well as "good" breath.Total oral hygiene has never been as easy, painless and inexpensive!

What is Plaque?

Plaque is a build-up/deposit of hard crusty - "shell like" - material on teeth, as well as in the arteries/blood vessels. The biochemical connection between plaque build-up and other dental conditions, like caries and periodontitis, is not quite clear, but it is well known, that people that have a lot of plaque build-up on their teeth, statistically also are subject to having a substantially greater incidence of - and more severe cases of - "holes in the teeth"/caries, "tooth loosening"/periodontitis and bad breath.

Why do Some People NOT get Plaque While Others Do?

The expression "all men are created equal", is a statement, that is very difficult to agree to, both as a scientist and as a regular human being - even trying to interpret it in its most positive intent: everything from fingerprints to IQ, to skin color/race, to looks, to disposition to disease and EVERYTHING in between, vary from individual to individual! There is nothing anybody can do about it - or possibly even want to do (because it would be a monumental waste of time - and who would, after all, want us all to be exactly the same?!? Isn’t this just the big difference between the rest of nature and us, as human beings, that we are very different?!?) about it! The same goes for disposition to plaque/calculus build-up, to caries, to periodontitis and to bad oral odor/bad breath! Some people just do not have any of it, even though that they "mistreat" their oral hygiene grossly, and yet some have it all, and they still may do "everything right", and it seems like the components of total oral hygiene go hand-in-hand: Either you have little of everything, or less, more or all of everything!

So what is the difference? What difference is there in the composition of the saliva and other oral cavity conditions? In pH? In other variables? No one really knows! What we do know, however, is that there are biochemical/biological differences in these groups of people, with all differences in their severity of oral hygiene conditions/dental problems.

And for those, who do have problems, a good oral hygiene discipline is crucial!

Recent research indicates that the so called "biofilms" play an important roll in this regard to what extent plaque forms and builds up on the teeth and in the arteries.

Can Plaque be Prevented?

The answer is: "Yes", at least to a large extent. Good oral/dental hygiene is crucial: brushing you teeth frequently, flossing regularly, using an effective mouth-wash killing germs and using a tongue scraper is all "a must" - and a good start, but may just not be enough for everyone.

The next level of active action is to carefully choose the right diet, the right supplements as well as the right life-style conditions, to create the most favorable possible environment in the oral cavity - and "beneath". And - of course - smokers have yet another uphill battle in this regard!

Medical and Practical Effectsof Plaque/Calculus

Plaque build-up has two negative consequences: "medical/dental", with impaired conditions for caries and periodontitis and "cosmetic": ugly discolored teeth and bad breath that no one wants to have! In the body, plaque deposits in the arteries/blood vessels and in the tissues have several severe negative medical consequences on many severe, life-threatening disease (see below, "Other Effects of NoPlaque"). Sailors know what it means to have the hull of their sail boats being built up with hard shell encrustations - the effect is the same - but much worse: less flow (in the blood vessels with plaque build-up)!

How do I Remove my Plaque?

So far there has only been one way - the hard, painful - and expensive (seldom covered by insurances!) way: to remove it physically with surgical instruments - and a lot of force - often worsened with the need of local anesthesia. A visit to the dentist/dental hygienists practice is a must, most likely time off from work, traveling and a lot of worrying before, and a lot of pain after! Cruel, yes, in more ways than one, but also a true picture of the harsh reality!

What is NoPlaque?

Until very recently few people even in their wildest dreams would think that a regular tablet taken systemically, could be a solution to the problem. The components are designed to positively change the biochemical conditions, so that the biofilms change in their composition, not allowing plaque to form and build up. From experience gained developing new and innovative products in other human fields of application, developing products for im-proving and strengthening (the structure of) the skin, strengthe-ning teeth, scavaging heavy metals/mercury in the blood, making hair less "sticking"/clinging, joints less sore repairing the cartilage, one noticed improved oral conditions, less plaque/ calculus build-up, and finally a gradual dissolution of already existing deposits!!!

This research work has been ongoing since the late 1980’s and NoPlaque sees daylight well over a decade later, why?! Well, this is development of new types of raw-materials, formulations and dietary supplements/natural medicines at its best - and very typical: a lot of work is necessary, and it DOES take time, and especially as in this case the - and very unexpectedly so - effects on plaque were not the ones being studied or looked for! They actually started emerging, as people more and more and consistently frequently and voluntarily, reported their own positive findings on plaque/calculus prevention and dissolution!

Does NoPlaque Really Work?

Although the results from major long term, double blind, cross-over clinical studies are not available as of yet, it has already been shown that NoPlaque has a pronounced positive effect on most people with plaque/calculus build-up. In conducted pilot studies the results have been spectacularly positive, proven by consumers’ appreciation! As indicated, some people do everything right and still end up with problems of whatever sort it may be, but it is estimated that 90-95% of people taking NoPlaque will experience anything from a positive effect to a complete success removing their plaque - and keeping it a way long term! This should be compared to a frequent 33% level of efficacy, arrived at in clinical studies on many pharmaceuticals/drugs - and they still have been allowed to be registered as prescription drugs, also considering, typically, all their negative side effects!

My Dentist/Dental Hygienist- and NoPlaque

Will NoPlaque take the source of income away from the dentist/dental hygienists? After having interviewed a large number of dentists, the conclusion is a clear "NO"! Dentists, unless they operate in smaller practices in remote areas, are not themselves removing plaque on a regular basis, this is normally done by a trained dental hygienist/nurse. So what is the dental hygienist going to do, when NoPlaque is being used by all their patients?! Of course there will be a re-distribution to other tasks - for example additional assistance to the dentists, when performing the increasing number - and more and more sophisticated in their nature - of teeth implants and similar dental practices! It is quite clear, from interviews with patients and professionals alike, that no one is going to miss this stone-age, and not so little barbaric, procedure used today to remove plaque: force and chisel! Possibly the cleaners will suffer more, from loss of business, cleaning (blood-) stained clothes!

Other Effects of NoPlaque

Considering the chemistry of plaque/calculus and its build-up process, it is only logical and scientifically sensible, to assume that NoPlaque also has an effect on plaque formation and build-up in other parts of the body, in arteries/blood vessels and tissue! Should this be able to be proven, it would revolutionize the medical effects and consequences and the treatments of major and deadly diseases, like heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s and several others - not only through its efficacy, but also through the convenience - with treatment at home - its preferential cost structure, appreciated by consumers, insurance companies and governments alike, and above all, because of its vastly lower pain- and inconvenience levels! Gone are the days of the barbaric procedures to remove plaque!

Is NoPlaque Safe to Take?

NoPlaque contains components from natural products only. They are all individually tested since years and have been used for other medical purposes for long, treating many varies afflictions. It is the combination effects of the ingredients in NoPlaque that is unique - by combining the various components in appropriate ratios one has arrived at a product with strong synergistic effects - one plus one plus one plus one become at least seven! In this case, actually, "More is Better", which is far from true for many other dietary supplements, although so is often being claimed - some components can at times even be counteractive!

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